Immersed in Wonderland

Alexa Meade Solo Exhibition: Immersed In Wonderland

11/13/18 News, Talent
For the Solo Exhibition IMMERSED IN WONDERLAND, Alexa Meade will transform the space on Rodeo Drive into a three-dimensional art installation that will appear to be two-dimensional when photographed. Visitors stepping into an immersive art exhibition will become part of the artwork as they don hand painted clothing and accessories.
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Freckled Sky Barrymore Award

Freckled Sky Wins Barrymore Award 2018 "Outstanding Media Design"

11/08/18 News, Talent
Freckled Sky won The Barrymore Award 2018 in “Outstanding Media Design” nomination for the “SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES” Musical. The Awards ceremony took place in Philadelphia on November 5th, 2018.
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Miri Ben-Ari - Quiet Storm

Miri Ben-Ari's Quiet Storm

11/07/18 News, Talent
Grammy Award Winning Violinist & Producer Miri Ben-Ari returns with a hip hop masterpiece, the new single Quiet Storm. It’s a virtuosic violin performance dedicated to women’s empowerment that plays over a hard hip-hop beat and the voice of the legendary hype man Fat Man Scoop.
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Beyond Speaking Podcast with the Passing Zone

Beyond Speaking Podcast - The Passing Zone

10/18/18 News, Talent
On the latest "Beyond Speaking" podcast with, Guinness World Record holders The Passing Zone share stories of behind the scenes on America’s Got Talent, getting fired at Disneyland and their biggest onstage accident. Spoiler alert- a poorly thrown chainsaw was involved...
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