Katie Linendoll VR World NYC

Katie Linendoll's Podcast on VR World NYC

07/26/18 News, Talent
Katie Linendoll visited VR World in New York City this week. She set foot in a different reality. A virtual reality.
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Duwende - Dirty Diana Cover

Duwende Releases New Michael Jackson Cover - Dirty Diana

07/25/18 News, Talent
Duwende releases new Michael Jackson cover from the song "Dirty Diana". 
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The Passing Zone

The Passing Zone, Show And Tell - Research

07/17/18 News, Talent
Whatever you are doing, it’s possible that you need to do some research. Maybe you should research your audience. Or your competitor. Research all of the possible outcomes for your idea. Research your market, and how it behaves under different circumstances.
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Miri Ben-Ari and Diamond Platnumz

Miri Ben-Ari Joins Tanzanian Artist Diamond Platnumz With "Baila"

07/16/18 News, Talent
Miri Ben-Ari joins Tanzania pop star Diamond Platnumz for the song "Baila".
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