Alexa Meade Event Innovator 2019

BizBash named Alexa Meade as one of the Event Innovators of the year 2019. Alexa Meade is internationally recognized for her style of painting on the human body to create scenes that look like paintings. The mixed-media artist makes use of optical illusions in her installations to turn real life people into seemingly 2D works of art.

According to BizBash: “Event producers in particular are drawn to Meade’s work because of the interactive nature—and the resulting memorable (and highly shareable) keepsakes. Alexa Meade: “For a live event, I know people are going to be heavily interacting with [the art]—touching, feeling, playing with everything. I have to make sure that everything looks good from all possible angles,” Meade explains. “[I make] painted garments that are flattering for all shapes, genders, and styles, so people really feel invited to be part of the artwork because it feels like it was created with them in mind.”

Meade attributes some of this success to the “otherworldly” nature of her approach. “It’s painted in a way that is just so far outside of the every day of what you would encounter,” she explains. “It’s not every day that you get to walk inside of a painting and be immersed in that world.” To read the full BizBash article, click here.

About Alexa Meade

You may have seen her work in one of her immersive interactive art installation projects that went viral on Instagram or in Ariana Grande’s VMA-nominated video, God Is A Woman, which has more than 250 million views. Alexa‘s vibrant and colorful work is hard to miss, easy to recognize, and stands out in a crowd.

She has created immersive art installations for experiential events and brands around the world including:

In corporate event settings her work can be customized to incorporate attendees, who have opportunities to photograph themselves within the artwork, and post photos for colleagues and friends through social media outlets. The photographs inevitably go viral on social media platforms, thereby extending the memories and publicity buzz of the event.

Alexa has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors and her groundbreaking work is being written into art history textbooks around the world.

Alexa Meade is available for corporate, private, and non-ticketed events, as well as marketing and ad campaigns, festivals, public spectacles, and private commissions for select VIP’s.

Keynote Speaker

Alexa has delivered keynote speeches about her work at the Wired Conference, National Geographic, and TEDGlobal. She has given lectures at the California Institute of the Arts, Stanford University, UC-Berkeley, National Geographic London, WIRED, and the TED Global Conference.Her TED talk “Your Body is my Canvas,” has been viewed millions of times. She worked with space-time researchers at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and has also painted portraits of many individuals of note, including triple Grammy Award winner Gotye.Alexa’s work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, NPR, CNN, Today Show, Nippon TV, BBC, Guardian, and hundreds of other media outlets around the world.Alexa Meade is available for select speaking engagements based upon her TED talk “Your Body is my Canvas”.