Jon & Owen


Now more than ever, people need to feel uplifted. We all have endured a challenging time, and as the world opens up – with new opportunities arising – your people will be searching for ways to move forward, elevate themselves, and have fun in the process.

The Passing Zone is the solution! Their most popular program, “The Passing Zone on I.C.E.” has taken on a post-pandemic twist.

“Spirit-lifting and soul-filling after a year of isolation – just what the doctor ordered!” – Ingersoll Cutting Tools


Any good doctor will agree, “Apply I.C.E. and Elevate” is a proven method for healing. So, apply I.C.E. The Passing Zone way (Innovation, Collaboration, and Execution).

These three concepts are crucial for the success of any group or organization… post-pandemic, or any time.

“The Passing Zone was the perfect choice for our first in-person event. These guys are absolutely hilarious.” – PTSolutions


Innovation – Stay on the cutting edge, find ways to do things better, and stay ahead of your competitors. Creativity, technology, thinking differently – it’s what The Passing Zone is all about.

Collaboration – Work well with those around you, whether it be your internal team, your suppliers, or your customers. There is no better resource than the strength of your people, and the ability to combine the expertise of diverse individuals. Jon & Owen don’t just talk about collaboration, they do it.

Execution – Planning for success is just the first step. Now you have to follow through with excellence, focus, and persistence. The Passing Zone will show you how they execute, and will encourage your group to stay on target and be their best.

Jon and Owen will take your people on a thoughtful and exciting journey, full of laughter, crazy stunts, audience interaction, and mind-blowing skills. While they are doubled over with laughter, the audience will see themselves, one another, and their goals with a whole new perspective.

It’s time to Apply I.C.E. and Elevate!

Watch their latest video below.