The Passing Zone Sets New World Record

The Passing Zone Sets New World Record Juggling Chainsaws

12/19/18 News, Talent
This Holiday Season, The Passing Zone didn’t just wish for a new world record – they went for it. They juggled live chainsaws trying to break the previous world record of 44 consecutive catches...
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FICP 2018 The Passing Zone

The Passing Zone At FICP 2018

12/07/18 News, Talent
The Passing Zone gave away a heart-stopping and hilarious juggling act during the Annual FICP Conference...
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Rob Schiffmann

Introducing Rob Schiffmann

11/27/18 News, Talent
We are excited to introduce you to the newest addition to our exclusive speaker roster: ROB SCHIFFMANN. Rob is an award-winning Corporate Emcee with twenty years of experience hosting meetings in such varied industries as banking, bio-tech, pharma, retail, food/beverage and many more.
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DJ Ravi Drums

Ravi Drums Performing At Maheshwari Convention 2019

11/15/18 News, Talent
Ravi Drums is set to perform January 4-6 in Jodhpur Rajasthan for the Maheshwari Convention. Many heads of state, including the Maharaja, are slated to attend the global convention.
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