iLuminate performs a limited Holiday Show in New York City at the World Stages theater.

iLuminate the Holidays this season

iLuminate the holidays with the awe-inspiring critically-acclaimed show that fuses light, sound and dance in an stunning spectacle of technology that’s perfect for the whole family! Catch them before they go back on tour.

From the moment the lights fade to darkness, you’re transported into another world…another dimension, where the music moves you and the visuals are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Welcome to the world of iLuminate. Named “Best New Act in America” by America’s Got Talent, the brilliant cast of the country’s top dancers and choreographers, along with energetic music, creates a mind-blowing, multi-sensory live show experience. As the show progresses, each scene creates a new “room” inside “Club iLuminate” where an exhilarating blend of music, dance, illusion, technology, and comedy comes to life for an experience that’s sure to be the most fun you’ll ever have in the dark!

iLuminate™’s patented technology has been used in numerous performances by Grammy winning superstars such as Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, The Black Eyed Peas, and David Guetta, among others.


iLuminate is an American dance and performance group powered by state-of-the-art technology and electrifying entertainers who perform in the dark to create the ultimate high tech dance experience. iLuminate produces explosive performances with customized wireless lighting programs. Their performances are filled with extraordinary lighting effects, choreographed with phenomenal dance moves that take your audience on an exhilarating ride. Performances can be customized with your organization’s logo and an executive reveal.


Founded by dancer and software engineer Miral Kotb, iLuminate enables performers, choreographers, engineers, technicians, stylists and artistic directors to produce high-energy performances with customized wireless lighting programs.

Since launching in 2009, iLuminate’s patent-pending technology has been used in numerous performances by Grammy-winning superstars such as Christina Aguilera, The Black Eyed Peas, and David Guetta, among others. They have also been featured on hit television shows including The Voice, America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars and X Factor, as well as such awards shows as American Music Awards, MTV’s Video Music Awards, BET Awards, The Nickelodeon Awards, Billboard and Latin Billboard Awards, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Having catapulted into an international sensation, iLuminate has performed across the globe for various events, including among others, headlining at the Cairo Opera House in Egypt; performing with Labrinth for Sony’s Xperia smart phone launch in London; dancing at automotive shows in Canada and South Africa; participating in Capezio’s prestigious 125th Anniversary Celebration at New York’s City Center; performing live on the internationally broadcasted Latin Billboard Awards; and participating in the Hennessy Classivm Mega Event in China.

In addition, iLuminate continues to perform each year at corporate events across the country for such prominent companies as IBM, Lenovo, Opryland, Energizer, Dell, Cisco, Olympus and Starwood Hotels, among many others.


Miral Kotb‘s keynote inspires teams to find common ground and purpose in order to produce outstanding results. Miral doesn’t just talk about her achievements with iLuminate — she helps audiences to simultaneously tap into the same passion and commitment in order to reach their goals. Her keynote is perfect for conferences with team building and innovation themes, entrepreneurs, women in technology, and STEAM initiatives.

Miral Kotb is a highly sought after speaker who has worked for many corporate clients — Google, AVIXA, Verizon, Tierpoint BraveIT Conference, Hyland Software, and more — to inspire and motivate their people. She also has spoken at Google’s sponsored ‘Made with Code’ — where she mentored young girls — On Cue, TedX Teen, Center for Global Brand Leadership, and TedX Broadway on the intersection of art and technology. In her capacity as a Cancer survivor, Miral has also spoken at pharmaceutical programs and foundation galas.

Combine Miral Kotb‘s engaging keynote with an exhilarating iLuminate performance.