Opium Moon Holidays

Opium Moon is releasing a new song for the holidays: Ahava ve Shalom.

Opium Moon‘s new song will be available on November 8th. The song “Ahava ve Shalom” – meaning “love and peace” – can be pre-saved now here. The single features the artwork by artist Norton Wisdom.

About Opium Moon

“Sensuous and hypnotic, elegant yet deeply emotional, the music of Opium Moon evokes the mysteries of ancient worlds while remaining thoroughly contemporary.”

The Los Angeles-based ensemble’s cinematic soundscapes draw upon the virtuosic skills and diverse ethnic backgrounds of its members: Iranian santoor master Hamid Saeidi, innovative Israeli bassist Itai Disraeli, sought-after American percussionist M.B. Gordy, and the exceptionally expressive Canadian-American violinist Lili Haydn, whose passion and fluid mastery of her instrument enchant in every song.

With compositions that meld sacred/classical traditions of both East and West with trance-inducing, ancient grooves, the result is at times both stately and rapturous, a sultry and passionate instrumental music that seems to emanate from a profoundly deep wellspring.

Opium Moon’s debut album received a Grammy Award for Best New Age Album.

The four musicians of Opium Moon are a global intersection of powerhouse talent who work together with spontaneity and intuition, forging an exotic, richly articulated sonic journey that conjures ancestral pasts but uplifts and inspires with contemporary rhythms and rhapsodic melodies, masterfully performed.

Website Opium Moon: click here.