William Close and The Earth Harp Collective at Burning Man 2023

William Close performs at Burning Man 2023

08/23/23 News, Talent
William Close and The Earth Harp will perform at Burning Man 2023. The Earth Harp debuted in 2011 when William attached the giant strings to the Temple of Transition. This year, the performances will feature a whole new level...
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Concept Artists delivers the Wow! New additions to our exclusive roster...

06/14/23 News, Talent
Concept Artists delivers the Wow! We are excited to announce our latest additions to our exclusive roster: Catapult, the Hum, Phat Cat Swinger & Wayne Lee.
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Alexa Meade Artist in residency WTC

Alexa Meade: mixed media painter takes over New York City

05/16/23 News, Talent
As Artist in Residence at the World Trade Center, Alexa Meade has taken over a space in the iconic New York City landmark.
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Introducing Wayne Lee: Peak Performance Expert and Hypnotist

04/27/23 News, Talent
Concept Artists is excited to introduce you to the newest addition to our exclusive roster: Wayne Lee.
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