Marco Tempest

Marco Tempest received the prestigious Auggie Award at the Auggie Awards Ceremony on June 2nd at the AWE USA 2022 event in Santa Clara, California.

Marco Tempest received the “Awesome Award” during the event, which was selected by AWE XR for a “moonshot concept or prototype that are straight out of a Sci-Fi novel”.

Auggie Award

Auggie Awards

The annual Auggie Awards have been the most recognized AR & VR industry awards in the world since 2010. Now in its 13th year, the Auggies continue to showcase the best of the best in augmented, virtual and mixed reality.

Watch the award ceremony here: Auggie Award 2022

AWE USA 2022 Marco Tempest’ Keynote: The Metaverse in my carry-on bag”

Marco Tempest specializes in developing immersive experiences of future technologies. Taking ideas about advanced technology, how we might interact with it, and finding innovative ways to bring those concepts alive. In his keynote presentation: “The Metaverse in my carry-on bag” for AWE USA 2022, he debuted ultraportable real-time virtual production techniques, storytelling, gestural sensing and swarm robotics and gave us a glimpse of a delightful augmented future right now.

Marco Tempest

Marco Tempest

Marco Tempest

Marco Tempest is a frequent keynote speaker at tech conferences around the world, a creative consultant at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory,  an Accenture Luminary and the Accenture Lead Consultant for Extended Reality, and a Directors Fellow at the MIT Media Lab. Marco is executive director of the NYC MagicLab, a science consortium exploring illusion and digital technology. Applications include media, marketing, entertainment and the prototyping of future technologies via immersive experiences.

Marco is deeply embedded in the tech industry and has regular interactions with product teams in an advisory capacity or as consultant or developer for prototype consumer technologies. He currently serves as an Accenture Luminary and the Accenture Lead Consultant for Extended Reality.

Tempest has been invited as a visionary presenter to the “Seoul Digital Forum” and the TEDxTokyo conference and presented his keynote to the xDays Leadership conference in Switzerland.
His work is constantly changing as new technologies evolve; Marco Tempest finds captivating ways of turning those advances into compelling illusions.

Corporate Entertainment and Keynoter

Your options are as limitless as Marco’s creativity. Build brand identity. Conduct a virtual demonstration of a new product. Invite audience members into a digital-world of their own design. Whatever the theme, Marco will translate your communication objectives into an astounding and unforgettable performance. Each performance – perfectly styled for your corporate brand and theme – can be of any length and can include astonishing executive reveals and extraordinary opening, closing, and interstitial segments. Enhance your next meeting, whatever the size, with the magic of Marco Tempest.