Katie Linendoll Photographing The Northern Lights In Alaska!

04/26/18 News, Talent
Katie Linendoll received a special invite to head to Fairbanks, Alaska with Canon experts, including Canon Explorer of Light Ken Sklute, to learn how to photograph this celestial light show in person.
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KATIE.SHOW | EP 81: Ron Stephens: HP Launches A Custom Printer Into Space!

04/04/18 News, Talent
Katie Linendoll visits Cape Canaveral to follow up on a story that she has been covering with HP Printing and NASA. She watched as SpaceX Mission CRS-14 launched the printer into space!
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The Passing Zone Saves the World at Pepperdine

04/01/18 News, Talent
Can Jon Wee and Owen Morse save the world through laughter and dangerous stunts?
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Katie Linendoll Feature in Chef Irvine Magazine: Unapologetically Katie

03/21/18 News, Talent
Katie Linendoll breaks down her upcoming projects and the lessons of a career that saw her thrive in not one, but two male-dominated industries - in the latest issue of Chef Irvine Magazine "Unapologetically Katie".
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