Rob Schiffmann

Rob Schiffmann Composes Songs Live on Instagram

01/22/19 News, Talent
Rob Schiffmann made up songs about people this past Sunday and it was so much fun, he is going to do it again!
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Inaugural Ball Governor JB Pritzer

William Close Performs at Inaugural Ball Governor JB Pritzker

01/15/19 News, Talent
William Close performs at the Inaugural Ball for Governor JB Pritzker, as Pritzker is sworn in as 43rd Governor of Illinois.
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Billy the Artist

Introducing Billy The Artist

01/09/19 News, Talent
Concept Artists is excited to introduce you to the newest addition to our exclusive roster: Billy The Artist!
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The Passing Zone Sets New World Record

The Passing Zone Sets New World Record Juggling Chainsaws

12/19/18 News, Talent
This Holiday Season, The Passing Zone didn’t just wish for a new world record – they went for it. They juggled live chainsaws trying to break the previous world record of 44 consecutive catches...
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