Creative and artistic content can help give you a tool to lighten a mood, provide an energetic spark and drive a message home. OUR mission is to connect you with artists that can create custom, pre-produced theme-driven content, and live-stream keynote performances that will give a unique change of pace for your audience that is watching remotely. 

Get inspired by our artists and keynote speakers!


Michael Cavanaugh

Grammy and Tony nominated Michael Cavanaugh – corporate entertainer of the year – was the original star lead performer of “Movin’ Out”, Twyla Tharp’s Tony-Award winning Broadway show based on the songs of Billy Joel.

For his virtual performances, Michael plays many of Billy Joel’s greatest hits, mixes in classic pop/rock tracks by Elton John, The Beatles, Tom Petty, Journey, Queen, Green Day and many more. You can submit your personal favorite song requests live during the show!

Michael is a master at connecting personally and authentically with virtual audiences. His virtual sing-a-longs lift everybody’s spirits, with the perfect combination of optional participation, easy camaraderie and welcome stress relief. He plays several instruments but is best known for his vocal and piano talent.


“Michael – You absolutely knocked it out of the park last night! Thank you so very much for an amazing concert and fun evening. I wish you could see all the emails I have received from numerous people who attended live or who watched the replay, all of whom are so complimentary of you and your incredible talent. You were great fun, so energizing, and your voice, range and variety unsurpassed.  You now have a whole new set of fans, and the leadership team and I have agreed we are going to converge to come see you in concert in person —whenever and wherever live events are back with us. We so look forward to that day. In the meantime, stay well, and accept our profound thanks for the gift of last evening”. – Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP   



The Passing Zone

The Passing Zone is one of the most accomplished comedy duos in the nation. They’ve done it by focusing on three success principles – innovation, collaboration and execution. The Passing Zone’s hilarious, energetic, and inspiring keynotes are now performed through an interactive live stream or pre-recorded virtual show!   Happy virtual clients include Dell, Amazon, Brother, Morgan Stanley, Annexus, Northwestern Health Science, TetraPak, NICE, VMWare, ICANN and more!

The Passing Zone on ICE

Innovation. Collaboration. Execution. These are the cornerstones of success for this exciting and hilarious duo. In this new keynote, Jon and Owen show your group how these principles lead to success, all while having a great time. If your people can Innovate, Collaborate, and Execute, they can accomplish great things (even without 3 chainsaws!). Serve your next event over ICE!

Teamwork: The Power of Partnership

Jon and Owen don’t just talk about teamwork – they DO it. The Passing Zone shows your people how to be a high-performance team. It takes trust, cooperation, communication, and practice. Chainsaws fly through the air, audience members become part of the team, and your group will laugh, gasp, and wipe tears from their eyes during this hilarious keynote from one of America’s most dynamic performing duos.

Customized Livestreams and pre-recorded shows: The Passing Zone is offering a full length live performance that takes place in their very own warehouse studio theater, complete with professional sound, lights and staging.   The performance can be livestreamed in real time, offering your attendees the ability to interact and participate as they would in a “live” environment.   The performance can also be pre-recorded in advance if preferred.

Learn to Juggle Virtual Workshops:  Juggling offers many benefits. The process of learning this new skill actually increases brain development, improves coordination, reduces stress, and fosters creativity. In addition, juggling 3 balls for 5-10 minutes is an excellent way to take a break during the day, recharge, and do something physical in a small space. Especially for those who are working from home, juggling can provide an outlet that exercises the body and the mind, and provide a fun, new, creative outlet. This hands-on workshop from The Passing Zone provides an interactive, shared experience, where people can laugh, succeed, cheer, and learn something new – together. It is a skill that is easy to learn, and offers many benefits that your people can enjoy not only in the moment, but for the rest of their lives. It is a highlight of The Passing Zone’s many virtual offerings.


“The Passing Zone can make your virtual meetings exciting!” – Forbes

“Our people loved the Passing Zone’s Learn to Juggle portion of the event” – Morgan Stanley

“The Passing Zone gave us the boost we needed just when we needed it. Jon and Owen worked with us to create a customized video experience. They were responsive and easy to work with – and the video was right on the money. A very effective way to energize and motivate our colleagues.” – Doug Morse, CEO, Hansen Family Hospital

“The Passing Zone delivered the goods – our customized video was right on the money with a great message to energize and motivate colleagues during a very difficult period. Hats off to Jon and Owen – easy to work with, very responsive, and willing to do what we needed.” – Hansen Family Hospital

“All I can say is WOW!  That was so fun and the guys are great.  I laughed so dang hard and really needed that!” – Steve LeVine Entertainment

Check out Jon & Owen’s great interview with Chris Lee from the “Virtually Speaking” podcast! 

DJ 2nd Nature

DJ 2nd Nature creates inventive, dynamic multimedia mashups videos that are centered around the theme of your virtual meeting or digital event. He researches carefully selected keywords to drive the story for your client – creating compelling and high-energy videos.

His budget friendly videos include logo integration, keyword sound bites, and focused messaging. DJ 2nd Nature is easy and flexible to work with, and has years of corporate experience – including working for Under Armour, MTV, Verizon, Lenovo, Dodge, Wells Fargo, At&T and Universal Pictures. DJ 2nd Nature also creates live-streaming DJ sets for your online meetings.

Ravi Drums

Ravi Drums has created a new VIRTUAL musical revolution. He has taken DJ’ing to a whole new level by performing his live drum & percussion re-mixes in front of a customizable green screen for your next virtual event. With pulsating LED lights, sophisticated hardware made of state-of-the-art plastics and aluminum, and a one-of-a-kind glass mixing console dubbed the “Dream Screen”, Ravi Drums has created a Drum & DJ performance for the new millennium.

Ravi Drums creates pre-produced 15-45 second performances that act as a transitional burst of energy for your virtual event. Ravi can also perform a full length virtual DJ/Drummer performance.


Ravi – You nailed it!”  – SAP NS2



Freckled Sky

Freckled Sky is a team of multimedia creators and technology experts comprised of artists, directors, designers, and engineers. They are visual storytellers and bring an immersive experience to the audience by producing interactive shows and presentations through the use of multimedia technology.

Sky made their debut on America’s Got Talent, where they were chosen as the Golden Buzzer act by Howard Stern. They have since gone on to produce high-end events – winning many different creative awards – for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Whatever the theme, Freckled Sky will translate your communication objectives into an astounding and unforgettable virtual experience. Each experience – perfectly styled for your corporate brand and theme – can include holograms, animations and voice-overs. Freckled Sky will work with your team to create a script, storyboard, visual concept, and sound design to create your perfect virtual experience.


Marco Tempest

Marco Tempest specializes in developing immersive experiences of future technologies. Taking ideas about advanced technology, and how we might interact with it, and finding innovative ways to bring those concepts alive. His presentations combine mixed reality, storytelling, gestural sensing and swarm robotics to give us a glimpse of a delightful augmented future right now.

Your options are as limitless as Marco’s creativity. Build brand identity. Conduct a virtual demonstration of a new product. Invite audience members into a digital-world of their own design. Whatever the theme, Marco will translate your communication objectives into an astounding and unforgettable performance. Each performance – perfectly styled for your corporate brand and theme.

Marco Tempest is a frequent keynote speaker at tech conferences around the world, a creative consultant at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory,  an Accenture Luminary and the Accenture Lead Consultant for Extended Reality, and a Directors Fellow at the MIT Media Lab. Marco is executive director of the NYC MagicLab, a science consortium exploring illusion and digital technology. Applications include media, marketing, entertainment and the prototyping of future technologies via immersive experiences.

Marco is deeply embedded in the tech industry and has regular interactions with product teams in an advisory capacity or as consultant or developer for prototype consumer technologies.


Miral Kotb

Miral Kotb delivers her tech and STEM focused keynotes in realtime through live stream. Her presentation emphasizes the importance of Teamwork, Collaboration and the importance of Co-Inspiration. The tone of her presentations are inspiring and encourages audiences to continuously find a way to adapt, follow their dreams, and never get intimidated by life.

A two-time cancer survivor, Miral has overcome extreme obstacles both personally and within the ever-changing world of technology.  Through it all, she believes in being true to herself, and encouraging others to do the same. She has told her story of the struggles of fighting Cancer and how she allowed this life changing event to inspire her to pursue her dreams. The tone of her presentations are inspiring and encourages audiences to continuously find a way to love what they do in everyday life, follow their dreams, and never get intimidated by life.



Reuel’s wide-ranging talent as a pianist gives every note he plays a unique resonance. Reuel has years of experience in the worlds of classical, pop, film scoring and electronic dance music, allowing him to move smoothly between genres. Reuel wants to share his music with you to bring us all some healing and peace during these difficult times.

Compared with artists like Maksim Mrvica, The Bond Quartet, Vanessa-Mae, Lindsey Sterling, and 2Cellos, Reuel loves to stretch the imagination of audiences with medley arrangements, original compositions, and thrilling performances.

“My live-stream shows always vary in style, size and structure,” Reuel explains. “I perform concerts of solo classical material, as well as solo pop piano with custom synched backing tracks. I customize each show to what is needed, or affordable, for the client. I’m continually adding more original music to my shows, along with creative arrangements of popular music and I am always looking for ways to present my music in the biggest, most straightforward fashion.”

Alexa Meade

Alexa Meade is celebrated for developing a style of painting on the human body and within three-dimensional spaces, creating the illusion that our reality is a two-dimensional work of art.

During this time when we can’t be together, Alexa is available to lead virtual, interactive programs with audiences of any size. Alexa will construct a customized program in collaboration with each organization that can involve ordinary household items or items circulated to or purchased by participants in advance.

One recent virtual participant had this to say: “This was a first for me. DIY art class online using Zoom. It really was a wonderfully creative fun time. I cannot wait to do another one!”



Rob Schiffmann

Rob Schiffmann is an interactive keynote speaker, award-winning host/emcee and musical improv comedian. Experienced in virtually hosting meetings and providing fun interactive segues for your live broadcasts, Rob’s background in music and improvisation allows him to bring a level of interactivity to your meeting that keeps audiences consistently engaged through the use of content-driven material.

Rob’s improvisational background is the inspiration for and basis of his keynote The Power to Pivot: Mistakes are Gifts!”, a talk on the power of presence and the ability to allow the unexpected to become the unforgettable.

Rob Schiffmann will show you the path towards presence and acceptance in these moments of uncertainty and show you how you can turn “mistakes” into gifts. This interactive keynote will have audience members on their feet and armed with the ‘Power to Pivot’. Through the use of interactive exercises, professional and personal examples, your audience will walk away with the understanding that some of the world’s greatest successes have come when constraint has given rise to ingenuity. Your people will gain the ability to turn the unexpected into the unforgettable.

Topics covered included in this interactive keynote: staying in the moment, listening actively and harnessing the power to accept and build upon the unexpected. You will listen, you will laugh and you will learn to truly live in the moment!


William Close & the Earth Harp Collective

William Close is an installation artist, musician and visionary who has developed over one hundred new musical instruments including the famed Earth Harp. The Earth Harp earned William a finalist slot on the TV show America’s Got Talent and was recently named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest playable stringed musical instrument.

William studied sculpture and sound design at the Art Institute of Chicago and his work explores the connection between architecture and music. Inspired by the Frank Lloyd Wright quote “architecture is frozen music”, Close creates musical installations that use the architecture as part of the instrument.


Sound Sculptures with Visual Beauty

William Close is available for commission of public or private sound sculptures with stunning visual beauty. The interactive musical installations can be permanent or temporary. These unique installations are perfect to enjoy interactive musical mindfulness in our current time of social distancing.