Miri Ben-Ari Performing At The 500 Festival Parade And Snakepit Ball Event

05/25/18 News, Talent
Violinist / Producer Miri Ben-Ari is scheduled to perform on May 26th at the 500 Festival Parade and Snakepit Ball event. IPL 500 Festival is one of the largest festivals in the nation, each year more than half a million people attend an event or program produced by the 500 Festival.
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Introducing Miri Ben-Ari

05/24/18 News, Talent
Concept Artists is excited to introduce you to the newest addition to our exclusive roster: Miri Ben-Ari. She is a Grammy Award-Winning violinist who has created her own unique music; a revolutionary fusion of classical, hip-hop, soul and dance.
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The Passing Zone

The Passing Zone: Show & Tell – Climbing The Corporate Ladder

05/17/18 News, Talent
These days, climbing that corporate ladder is more challenging than it has ever been. In order to find the balance of skills and determination necessary to reach the top, you have to be willing to take some risks.
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Miles O'Brien: Online Anger Is Gold To This Junk News Pioneer

05/03/18 News, Talent
Science correspondent Miles O’Brien profiles a leading purveyor of junk news who has hit the jackpot exploiting the trend toward tribalism.
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