Union Station’s Historic Waiting Room Take Over By Alexa Meade

06/05/18 News, Talent
Union Station visitors will be able to watch Summer Sessions ‘18 come to life as Alexa Meade paints a live model.
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Frida Kahlo's Legacy Reimagined Through The Eyes Of Alexa Meade

06/01/18 News, Talent
Alexa Meade collaborated with Google Arts & Culture to celebrate the legacy of Frida Kahlo #FacesofFrida. 
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Miri Ben-Ari Performs At The United Nations

05/31/18 News, Talent
Acclaimed Grammy Award-Winning Miri Ben-Ari performs at "Global Impact Through Innovation" for the United Nations.
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Michael Cavanaugh Joins St. Louis Symphony Orchestra For the Music of Elton John and More!

05/30/18 News, Talent
Michael Cavanaugh and his band will join the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra with music of Sir Elton John on Friday, June 15th!
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