Alexa Meade NFT drop

Alexa Meade's latest NFT drop on Nifty Gateway

07/13/21 News, Talent
Artist Alexa Meade, famous for her play on perspective, is dropping her latest NFT on Nifty Gateway, this Friday July 16th.
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Jon & Owen

The Perfect Post-Pandemic Presentation: The Passing Zone!

06/08/21 News, Talent
How to move forward post-pandemic? Apply The Passing Zone's I.C.E!
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Billy The Artist prepares for Cowparade 2021

05/11/21 News, Talent
Billy The Artist (BTA), the Manhattan-based creator, says this year’s CowParade feels like a homecoming.
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The Passing Zone: Fun with precision, luck, danger & skill!

04/22/21 News, Talent
Fun with precision, luck, danger and skill... check out The Passing Zone's latest stunt!
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