Beyond Speaking Podcast with the Passing Zone

Beyond Speaking Podcast - The Passing Zone

10/18/18 News, Talent
On the latest "Beyond Speaking" podcast with, Guinness World Record holders The Passing Zone share stories of behind the scenes on America’s Got Talent, getting fired at Disneyland and their biggest onstage accident. Spoiler alert- a poorly thrown chainsaw was involved...
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"About To Break" Podcast With The Passing Zone

09/28/18 News, Talent
Jon and Owen from The Passing Zone sit down with Taylor James Hughes for his podcast "About To Break". They talk about performances, their career as a duo, and an unfortunate chainsaw injury...
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The Passing Zone "Don Francisco Te Invita!" Appearance

08/23/18 News, Talent
This Sunday, August 26th, on Telemundo's "Don Francisco Te Invita!" La Zona de Paso... or better known as The Passing Zone will make an appearance.
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The Passing Zone

The Passing Zone, Show And Tell - Research

07/17/18 News, Talent
Whatever you are doing, it’s possible that you need to do some research. Maybe you should research your audience. Or your competitor. Research all of the possible outcomes for your idea. Research your market, and how it behaves under different circumstances.
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