Jon and Owen from The Passing Zone sit down with Taylor James Hughes for his podcast “About To Break”. They talk about performances, their career as a duo, and an unfortunate chainsaw injury…

“About To Break”

If you want to hear The Passing Zone talk about performance, their career as a duo, and an unfortunate chainsaw injury, you can’t do better than to listen to the conversation they had with Taylor James Hughes on his podcast, “About to Break.” This is a really fun podcast with lots of crazy stories! In this episode Taylor James Hughes and The Passing Zone talk about: Learning to use a Bullwhip, The Passing Zone Origin Story, The importance of meeting other variety artists, Getting started at Disneyland, Breaking into the college market with NACA,  It’s nice to not work the road alone, Debriefing after shows, What do you do when it all goes wrong, Juggling Chain Saws, Managing work and family life ….and their experience on America’s Got Talent.

Accomplished Comedy Duo

Owen Morse and Jon Wee met in 1986 at a juggling convention and instantly knew they were destined to be a team. They have appeared on the Tonight Show, Americas Got Talent and are one of the most booked acts in the Corporate market and one of the most accomplished comedy duos.

They’ve done it by focusing on three success principles- innovation, collaboration and execution. Those same principles can help any group and audience achieve fantastic results, and there is no better way to bring them these key ideas than through The Passing Zone’s hilarious, energetic, and inspiring keynote. Jon & Owen can provide pure entertainment in an “after dinner’ style setting.  They can also integrate themselves into the core theme of a meeting so that their performance has take away value. They are a natural fit for corporate entertainment and keynote speeches are their primary market. Their act is clean, so it offends no one. They appeal to all ages and all walks of life. Whether their audience group are mechanical contractors, software engineers, hairdressers, or billionaire business leaders, they are always a hit. Not only do they entertain, but they customize their performances by juggling a company’s product, incorporating slogans, and inspiring groups to be better teams.

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