Alexa Meade Artist in residency WTC

Alexa Meade: mixed media painter takes over New York City

05/16/23 News, Talent
As Artist in Residence at the World Trade Center, Alexa Meade has taken over a space in the iconic New York City landmark.
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Today Show Natalie Morales

Alexa Meade on the Today Show

09/20/19 News, Talent
Alexa Meade transforms NBC's Natalie Morales into a living painting on the 3rd Hour on the Today Show.
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Alexa Meade Artist in Google Residence

Alexa Meade is the Latest Artist in Residence at Google

09/05/19 News, Talent
Alexa Meade is the new artist in residence at Google. She experiments with Light Field and Light Stage technology.
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