Immersed in Wonderland

Alexa Meade Solo Exhibition: Immersed In Wonderland

11/13/18 News, Talent
For the Solo Exhibition IMMERSED IN WONDERLAND, Alexa Meade will transform the space on Rodeo Drive into a three-dimensional art installation that will appear to be two-dimensional when photographed. Visitors stepping into an immersive art exhibition will become part of the artwork as they don hand painted clothing and accessories.
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Alexa Meade -Stanford University

"A Celebration of Mind: Mathematics, Art and Magic" - Alexa Meade at Stanford University

10/17/18 News, Talent
Alexa Meade is scheduled to speak at Stanford University for the symposium "A Celebration of Mind: Mathematics, Art and Magic". The event will take place on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 7:30 pm - at the CEMEX Auditorium, GSB Knight Management Center, Stanford University.
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Alexa Meade Brings Painting to Life at Union Station

06/11/18 News, Talent
Alexa Meade turned a portion of Union Station’s Historic Waiting Room into an original 3-D painting.
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