Just Ask Them: helping your audience get what they want

12/01/17 Talent
Have you ever witnessed a presentation that has gone completely off the rails?
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Katie Linendoll Ashley Eckstein

Katie.Show - Episode 74: The Force Is Strong With Ashley Eckstein

10/08/17 Talent
Katie rejoins Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ahsoka Tano on the Star Wars animated series, at New York City Comic Con.
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lionfish katie linendoll

The Weather Channel: Lionfish Invasion

10/02/17 Talent
This invasive species is causing a lot of problems. Katie Linendoll explains in part one of this series on the lionfish.
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iphone8 katie linendoll

Get A First Look At The New Iphone 8 And 8 Plus with Katie Linendoll

09/19/17 Talent
Tech expert Katie Linendoll is in the TODAY Orange Room with Dylan Dreyer to share a first look at the new iPhone 8 and Plus and explain their special features.
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