Winner of Best New Innovative Event Product/Service at the Special Event Gala Awards, tell•A•vision (“The telling of a vision”) is a completely new and highly unique, live Edu-tainment performance art group. It was first debuted to the masses on America’s Got Talent and has since been featured on numerous TV shows and at Fortune 500 corporate and private events across the globe.

Using patented wireless screen technology combined with a montage of tightly choreographed performance artists, tell•A•vision creates a highly impactful and living storybook that is both an extremely entertaining and uniquely effective vehicle to enhance audience attention & comprehension of key themes and messaging.

tell•A•vision’s moving-story performances are among the most creative, flexible, and effective entertainment solutions in today’s market. Brands all over the world use tell•A•vision for executive presentations and product launches to convey their corporate vision and messaging in a futuristic and innovative way.

Options exist for executive reveals as well as customized detailed messaging.