William Close will join the global “Make Music Day” on Thursday, June 21 at Carlsbad’s National Association of Music Merchants’ Museum of Making Music with a full day of music-making fun. The Earth Harp, the world’s longest, playable-stringed instrument, will reach from a museum balcony to the parking lot, according to organizers.

The harp — with 1,000-foot-long strings — will be played live by an ensemble of musicians led by William Close, a Los Angeles-based inventor, who tours the globe with the instrument and has performed in Singapore, at Burning Man and even strung the harp across a canyon near Chicago.

In partnership with Make Music Day and Make Music Day, San Diego, the Museum of Making Music is also offering a pay-as-you-wish day for visitors of every age, who want to join in the fun and pick up an instrument and play.

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