Ravi Drums drops in with Flying Stage at MGM Performance

09/13/22 News, Talent
At a recent corporate performance, high-energy DJ Ravi Drums descended from the catwalk of the MGM Grand Garden Arena 6 stories in the air in front of 20,000 people! Ravi Drums performed on a custom built flying stage...
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Katie Linendoll Women in Technology Speaker

Katie Linendoll Interview: How She Got There

06/13/18 News, Talent
Katie Linendoll shares a little about her career path via Her Campus. In the interview "How She Got There", Katie explains how she became a TV Personality and Consumer Tech Expert.
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Miral Kotb - Lighting Up Code

06/11/18 News, Talent
Miral Kotb has two great loves: coding and dance. While they might seem like they have nothing in common, Miral has discovered a new, innovative way to combine her two passions.
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