James Arthur Britain's Got Talent

Freckled Sky produces a magical piece for James Arthur’s performance at Britain’s Got Talent live semi-final.

James Arthur

Britain’s Got Talent invited James Arthur – former X Factor singer – to perform during the live semi-finals this week. The singer performed an exceptional rendition of his new song “Falling Like the Stars”. His performance was produced by Freckled Sky -multimedia creators and technology experts, visual and immersive storytellers – and blew the audience away.

Freckled Sky

Freckled Sky is a team of multimedia creators and technology experts comprised of artists, directors, designers, and engineers.They are visual storytellers and bring an immersive experience to the audience. They mix projection, dance, lighting, interactive solutions, and special effects to create beautifully stunning new forms of content and entertainment.

Freckled Sky made their debut on America’s Got Talent, where they were chosen as the Golden Buzzer act by Howard Stern. They have since gone on to produce high-end events for some of the biggest brands in the world, various television shows, and music concerts. Their works are winners of different creative awards all over the world.