What if we gave you 5 minutes to unplug and recharge…

What if we gave you 5 minutes to connect with yourself and your thoughts…

Imagine a virtual reality like experience driven by music and sound…

The Hum entertains and allows you to relax as you connect through the virtues of sound. Experience a full relaxation within 5 minutes.

How does it work?

As you sit on the Hum, we invite you to put on headphones and an eye mask. Once comfortably seated on the installation, synchronized frequencies of a custom-made musical soundscape will pulse through your headphones.

The sound is amplified via transducers that are positioned throughout the installation, which allows your entire body to connect and benefit from the vibrating music frequencies.

The Hum is a perfect way to reset, relax, refresh, revive between meetings, as well as before, during, and after a trade show.

The Hum brings a unique Musical Entertainment Wellness concept that connects you with the virtues of sound in the most entertaining and beneficial way.

A Bespoke Soundscape Journey

The musical soundscape that the Hum presents, brings you on an ultimate virtual reality like journey, while traveling through a unique sensorial sound experience…

Explore the powerful chants and sounds of different tribes from around the world through the Hum’s musical content. The soundscapes pay tribute to our ancestors with original sounds and frequencies that feature their specific “hums”, bringing you closer to nature and earth.

The Hum allows you to take a moment to reset and to surrender to the sound and let yourself be immersed inside its frequencies. Custom-made soundscapes can be curated to highlight a specific culture and/or to resonate with a brand identity. Examples of soundscapes are frequencies from the Amazonian jungles, hums from the Inuits from the Icy Lands, rhythms of the Australian Aborigines tribes and Tamil tribes of India, and Japanese chants of the Ainu tribe.

Each bespoke soundscape journey uses Sony’s 360 reality audio, and is produced and curated by highly regarded musicians Mobius 8 and Snow Raven.

The Installation

The installation is a 10-foot sculptural work of art with a cradle space, where the user can lounge and experience the fullness of sound and the transformative effect that the frequencies have on the entire body via vibro acoustic technologies.