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Rock Stars & Stripes: The American Rock Experience is a high energy, authentic rock show celebrating the greatest American rock music of all time, featuring renowned former BOSTON vocalist/guitarist David Victor. 

Each show consists of about 45 iconic American classic rock hits, in a cleverly designed combination of medleys and full length songs. Thematically, each show will take the audience on a listening and visual Virtual Road Trip, typically composed of 7 or 8 Destinations, and culminating in the city where the show is taking place. On stage, the band’s set list brings to life each one of the Road Trip’s Destinations, first by performing a medley of quintessential rock songs that best capture the vibe and culture of that region of America…and then, by following the region’s medley with a full length monster hit song that most embody’s that region’s vibe and culture. And then the Road Trip proceeds to the next Destination, and the show’s regional medley + monster hit formula continues. Complementing the musical road trip are amazing visuals in the form of video accompaniment by MTV and Emmy award-winning director Jeff Clark, which highlights the beautiful country, impressive architecture and the everyday, amazing people of the United States of America. The video-fueled visuals that convey the spirit of the American people and the attitude of rock ‘n roll. With this thematic show flow, audiences are able to enjoy a wide range of music within an energetic and powerful performance experience.  While the Rock Stars & Stripes show is customized to each performance, shows have included hits from a variety of classic American artists including The Eagles, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Grand Funk Railroad, Bruce Springsteen, Journey, 

The Doobie Brother, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, BOSTON, Styx, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steve Miller, Talking Heads, KISS — and so many more. 

You will never see and hear this much great music packed into one show!