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The Passing Zone interviewed by Magic Image Hollywood Magazine
Los Angeles, CA, March 2012

The Passing Zone's Jon Wee and Owen Morse recently sat down for an interview with Magic Image Hollywood Magazine's Daniel Adam Thomas to discuss the finer points of their career in juggling performance, how they first met one another, and how improving their craft is a constant test of their endurance and creativity. 

MIHM: In 1988 when you met for the first time at a juggling convention, what was the connection or lure that drew you two together that would eventually build a lifetime of work & play?

TPZ: We met and just seemed to have the same goals and love for the art of juggling.  We instantly felt the connection between us.

MIHM: Do you write the comedy yourselves for your shows? 

TPZ: We usually write all of our shows together, and always have. 

MIHM: What fuels the unique choice of outfits and weapons for the performances?

TPZ: The choice of outfits and weapons came to us, because it was never done.  We wanted a show that was unique, fun, and dangerous.

MIHM:  How hard is it for you to keep trying to top yourselves?

TPZ: Too hard.  It takes constant work and practice to achieve new levels in our show.  We never stop trying to top ourselves.


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