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Phoenix Performs New Show Titled "Illuminaire"
Reno, NV, April 2011

Now through July 24, 2011, Phoenix's newest theatrical performance, titled "Illuminaire" will be playing at the Eldorado Showroom in Reno, NV. 

Illuminaire, a high-energy mix of artistic skill, fire-dance, martial arts, object manipulation, stunts and technical special effects, is guaranteed to leave audiences young and old captivated by imagery that simply defies the imagination. As the name implies, this show is about the wonder of light in its many different forms. Blacklight performance, special LED effects, cyber laser and the beauty of raw flame are combined to illuminate an entirely new genre of circus. Coupled with world-class talent, visionary costuming and surreal stage sets, Illuminaire catapults us into a spellbinding debut show experience that is literally out of this world.

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