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Marco Tempest at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
Cannes, France, June 2013

Marco Tempest recently took part in a seven-day festival: The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. With more than 11,000 delegates from countries worldwide, this annual festival highlights the strides made in creativity within communications, and includes participation from world leaders, high-profile industry professionals, and well-known innovators as well. This year alone, Mark Zuckerberg, President Bill Clinton, Robert Redford, Ruper Murdoch, Yoko Ono and Ben Stiller were among the participants present for the cutting-edge festival and exhibition.

Presenting a TED talk of his own, Marco Tempest spoke to attendees and discussed the connection between magic and storytelling, emphasizing magic's foundation in society and how magicians have always been at the core of technology and innovation, and how society should embrace technology moving forward. 

Garnering much support from Twitter and other social media outlets, Tempest's talk was inspirational, informative and forward-thinking.

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